Van Tech Consulting of Vancouver and the GTA is a Microsoft Certified Company and Apple Expert Mac OS X that offers a full range of computer services and solutions to small and medium-sized companies.

We are here to facilitate the day to day running and growing of your business by taking over the burden of all your computing, internet and IT concerns so that you can focus on doing what you do best – generating revenue.

You are probably very good at the work you do, but it takes up most of your time and energy which means there is not a lot left over for getting to grips with the fast changing world of computers, social and internet media and information technology in general.

This is where Vancouver Consulting can become your back-room partner because we do have the experts who fully understand and keep abreast of the latest IT technology. And we are here to share our specialist knowledge with you.

At VancityTech Consulting we offer both on-site and off-site solutions and monthly maintenance plans so you only have to pay for the services you actually use.

Turn over some or all of your computing concerns to us and we will be able to offer 24-hours-a-day support to:

  • Set up your system and network right from the start so that you operate immediately with maximum efficiency.
  • Keep your On-site computer and IT systems running smoothly at all times by fixing computer glitches and keeping you systems working as they should so that you don’t face unnecessary down town because of unexpected computer failure or system crashes.
  • Create and/or expand your in-house computer Network and Interconnected Wireless internet access so that you can monitor all of your employees and keep track of their performance at all times.
  • Repair your computers whenever they go down.
  • Remove Malware, Viruses, Spyware and other computer afflictions whenever they may strike.
  • Hardware and software sales and support
  • Create secure and reliable back up so that you don’t need to worry about Data Recovery if ever your system crashes.
  • Monthly Maintenance – Maintenance Plan.
  • Remote Access – remote tech support via web application.
  • Building and maintaining complex networks
  • Design dynamic web – and social media sites and ‘tweak’ them regularly (this is known as SEO) so that you perform well in Google and other search engine ratings.
  • Set up secure Remote Access and Virtual Cloud Storage so you can access your company data wherever there is internet signal, even when you are on the road.
  • Create secure and reliable Security Solutions to that your company and client data and personal details safe from abuse.
  • Set-up and manage other Virtualization and Managed services and Hosted Solution as appropriate for your business or personal needs.
  • Signage Networking
  • Create a Video Surveillance system or improved on-site security.
  • OfferIP / VoIP Communication solutions to maximize your internet performance.
  • Assist you with re-installing your computers and getting your systems back up and running effectively during Office Relocation
  • Computer Repair
  • SEO
  • Recommend hard- and software upgrades whenever new and appropriate technology becomes available.
  • Set-up, create and manage your digital signage network and other digital advertising throughout the Vancouver BC region. Web design wordpress Shopify Vancouver BC Search engine optimization Vancouver IT security in Vancouver IT consultant Vancouver Computer repair Vancouver Downtown , Richmond , Surrey , Port Coq , Delta , Persian , Indian , Panjabi , Russian , Polish , German , Jewish , Chinese , Korean , Japanese , Computer service Apple MAC Station Computer Services PC MACBook Windows10 Recovery OSX Office Repair Laptop computer Sony Dell HP Acer Surface pro Recovery Vancouver bc Microsoft Office 2016 word excel outlook


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  • Click the AppExchange link in your organization or go directly to
  • Browse the AppExchange site to find the application you want to install.
  • Click Get It Now from the application information page.

If the listing does not have a Get It Now option, it may be a partner app that you can download and use outside of Salesforce. Contact the publisher for more information.

  • Select your environment type: production or sandbox (test).
  • Enter the requested information. For production environments, enter your username and password, read the user terms, select the I have read and agree… checkbox, and click Install.

For sandbox environments, complete the information in the form provided and click Submit. This package is removed from your sandbox organization whenever you create a new sandbox copy.

  • If the package is password-protected, enter the password you received from the publisher.
  • Review the package items and click Continue.

If you’re installing an upgrade to a managed package, review the list of new items that the upgrade will add.

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Van Tech Consulting of Vancouver and the GTA is a Microsoft Certified Company and Apple Expert Mac OS X that offers a full range of computer services and solutions to small and medium-sized companies.